COST Action “The European Aquatic Animal Tracking Network” (ETN) CA18102

This research project examines a number of key issues:
● Foster novel technological developments in bio-telemetry.
● Define data requirements and implement a central data system for aquatic animal telemetry with a common data policy, procedures and security rules in place. The database will serve as a host for a variety of electronic telemetry data types.

● Map ETN data standards to those of existing international bio-telemetry data systems.
● Improve the usefulness and inter-applicability of currently available technology by promoting the harmonization of acoustic tag coding schemes and promoting the compatibility between different acoustic telemetry equipment and brands.

Distributed Intelligent Communication Environment

This research project Distributed Intelligent Communication Environment will develop models and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that analyse network efficiencies of this distributed intelligent communication environment in order to improve on the network infrastructure performance and user experiences. The innovative approach of this project is to analyse and model the dynamic nature of network traffic, so as to provide infrastructure efficiency (e.g. energy, latency and complexity etc) and user performance in a global network. This project will optimize resources in a dynamic way, using AI decision-making processes, which will enable people to use technology efficiently.

IoT Cloud-based Semantic Image Segmentation

This project aims to examine IoT image segmentation techniques by leveraging cloud network processing. The target application is real-time segmentation for use in self-driving vehicles, where heavy processing of the trained CNN segmentation model is offloaded to a high-power cloud edge computer. For this, a low-power single board computer will be paired with a cloud-based solution to allow dynamic processing scaling for better efficiency in power-constrained applications.